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We convened a press release this morning where tobacco taxation advocates support calls  for Strengthened Tobacco Control Measures in Kenya through the review of the TCA 2007

We are calling on the tobacco control champions to review tax policies without any interference from the tobacco industry.


About NTA

We are an independent, non-partisan organization that promotes good governance in Kenya through citizen empowerment, enhancing public service delivery, and partnership building. NTA implements projects to monitor the usage and management of public funds with interest in Economic Stimulus Fund, National Government Affirmative Action Funds (NGAAF), development projects, and strengthening the participation of PWDs, youth, and women in the budget-making process in different counties in Kenya. The four key thematic areas for NTA include; Building Citizen Demand & Strengthening Government Service Delivery; Research, Advocacy, and Policy Influencing; Tax Justice; and Institutional Strengthening.

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To advocate for government accountability in the delivery of services and to influence policy through engagements, partnerships and tax-payer transforming information and research

A taxpayer responsive government delivering quality services to all

✓ Integrity
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✓ Inclusivity
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✓ Innovation/Innovativeness

Our Recent Activity

Capacity Building Workshop.
Building Citizen Demand and Strengthening Government Service Delivery icon
Building Citizen Demand and Strengthening Government Service Delivery

Building citizen demand for accountability and strengthening government service delivery is a key thematic area that contributes to NTA’s goal of public watch on public revenue collection, use of taxes in delivery of public services and championing for an inclusive public governance.

Research, Advocacy and Policy Influencing icon
Research, Advocacy and Policy Influencing

Issues of governance, tax and accountability can be technical, complex and may seem to be disconnected from the day-to-day challenges faced by Kenyans.

Tax justice is increasingly becoming one of the core themes in today’s economies.
Tax Justice icon

Tax justice is increasingly becoming one of the core themes in today’s economies. The government is charged with the responsibility of generating sufficient public revenue and ensuring that it is well utilized, fairly redistributed and focused in rebalancing economic and gender inequalities.

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Institutional Capacity Strengthening

The strategic focus area above came into being as a result of NTA revising its strategic direction and plan for 2019-2023. The focus area is aimed at improving efficiency, sustainability and revamping the brand of the organization.

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Our journey towards good governance, transparency, and citizen empowerment is enriched by the strategic alliances we have forged. Each partnership is a testament to shared values and a collective commitment to effecting positive change.

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