Building Citizen Demand and Strengthening Government Service Delivery

Building citizen demand for accountability and strengthening government service delivery is a key thematic area that contributes to NTA’s goal of public watch on public revenue collection, use of taxes in delivery of public services and championing for an inclusive public governance. All citizens pay taxes and should therefore demand that their taxes be used to bring about effective service delivery. The thematic area tries to bring a balance of the demand and supply governance equilibrium.

In this first strategic programme focus area, the overall strategic objective which the NTA aims to achieve is to engage established networks that will leverage NTA’s efforts in meeting requirements of the citizens demanding for public delivery of quality services. Specific strategies which have been identified to drive this broad goal will include:

  • Facilitating access to information and public participation in legislation;
  • Applying County Based Effective Framework (CBEF) that provides a structure at the County level and NTA can partner with in enhancing service delivery to enhance efficiency and effectiveness;
  • Sensitizing the public on their rights and what they expect from National Government and their respective county governments;
  • Reforming the County Accountability Network to include other stakeholders;
  • Setting up Action Groups and use NTA networks to demand for the supply of public services; and,
  • Demanding for the Public Service Charter and ensuring that the citizens hold the public accountable.

The key strategic objective of the programme focus areas is to: develop and coordinate mechanisms that will contribute to enhancing public performance and delivery of services. In order to achieve this objective, the following specific strategies are required:

  • Developing and implementing robust systems on education, health, tax justice, public finance management, revenue;
  • Promoting collaboration, networks and partnerships with National Government, County Governments, Ethics, Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC), Office of Attorney General (OAG), Office of Auditor General (OAG); and,
  • Strengthening NTA structures to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.