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  • The NTA is a national, independent, non-partisan organization focused on supporting good governance in Kenya through
    strengthening citizen to government accountability, and citizen-to-citizen accountability.
    The NTA represents all citizens as everyone pays taxes.

  • To promote accountable, effective and efficient collection and utilisation of public resources through research,
    citizen empowerment, enhancing public service delivery and partnership building.

  • A transparent, accountable and citizen-responsive government delivering quality services to all

    NTA strives to achieve its mission by:
    • Demanding accountability from government and public institutions regarding the delivery of essential services and the
      management of devolved funds;
    • Demanding accountability from citizens with regard to their obligations under the Kenya Revenue Authority Taxpayer's Charter;
    • Providing information to citizens in response to their information needs;
    • Compiling and submitting Citizen Report Cards to government on the management of devolved funds and provision of
      district-level services.
  • Our Values

    • Accountability - We shall abide by the rules and procedures that govern NTA and be accountable in fulfilling our duties and obligations.
    • Transparency - We provide information to our members, partners and implementing partners regarding all our activities.
    • Equity - We operate in an equitable manner ensuring all our activities enable members to operate on an equal footing.
    • Participation - NTA is inclusive and will ensure that decisions made are consensus-based and elicit the needs
      of people through effective participation.
    • Human rights - NTA adopts a rights-based approach in seeking to ensure that basic human rights are upheld.
    • Integrity and fairness - All members are required to exercise a high level of professional integrity and fairness in
      conducting business on behalf of the NTA. We will act in a fair and responsible manner to protect the rights of all our members.
    • Responsibility - NTA has established leadership that is capable, responsible, representative and conscious of its obligations.
    • Inclusiveness - NTA ensures that it is an inclusive organisation representing all interests of ordinary taxpayers.
    • Effective Stewardship - NTA shall provide leadership in accountability by example.
    • Effectiveness and Efficiency - NTA strives to undertake all aspects of its operations with efficiency and effectiveness.


Citizen Report Cards

The citizens’ report card serves three important and interrelated purposes, that is;

  • A source of information for citizens,
  • A tool for citizens to hold the government officers and political leaders accountable and;
  • Documenting development process at the local level.
"Monitoring | Evaluating | Presenting"
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