Dissemination of findings from the analysis of Vihiga County Auditor General’s report for the County Executive and County Assembly.

NTA and the OTGs undertook analysis of the OAG report for the 47 County governments for financial year 2017/2018. A meeting with the County government of Vihiga was thereafter, planned to share the findings of the analysis and come up with practical action points to resolve the issues raised by the OAG.

The objective of this activity was:

  1. To share the analysis “Chambua” findings of the County Assembly and County Executive of Vihiga County with the Governor, the Speaker, the Budget and appropriation committee and the Controller of budget for action.
  2. To discuss and get commitment of the County government to resolve issues pointed out by the OAG report.


Constructive engagements and consensus on the way forward based on the shared “Chambua” findings. The County made clarifications on a number of resolved issues which include: availability of a title did that was queried by the Auditor general, the use of 47 million from the supplementary budget for agriculture items as opposed to what was reported by the auditor as unbudgeted for expenditure, payment of casuals with no personal number through a system put in place with the aid  of the Kenya devolution support program to avoid paying ghost workers among others.

The governor informed NTA that Vihiga County is in partnership with the EACC. The County is required to submit monthly reports before the 15th of each month for what purpose?  to eradicate corruption and enhance transparency and accountability as per the MOU signed between Vihiga and EACC.


Read the full report here

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