Taita Taveta County

Taita Taveta County lies approximately 150km northwest of Mombasa county and 300km southeast of Nairobi County. The County covers a total area of 17,083.9 Km2 of which 62% of the area is occupied by Tsavo East and Tsavo West National Parks. The County is sub-divided into four sub-counties of Mwatate, Taveta, Voi and Wudanyi with a total of 20 electoral wards. According to the 2019 Population census, Taita Taveta county has a population of 335, 747.

County Planning and Budgeting Documents

The County Governments Act, 2012 dictates that no budgeting should be done without a planning framework in place. The very first plans most counties must produce are the County Integrated Development Plans (CIDPs). This document provides the development strategy a county adopts for the next five years. Although no specific date is provided for publishing these plans, each county must develop one at the start of each cycle every five years.

Taita Taveta CIDP

The Public Finance Management (PFM) Act sets the Annual Development Plan (ADP) as the main plan to anchor county annual budgets. In a sense, the ADP is the single year extract from the CIDP allowing for updates responding to current emerging issues in the economy.

Annual Development Plan 2018-2019

Annual Development Plan 2019-2020

The County Fiscal Strategy Paper (CFSP) sets out the total size of the budget, the sector ceilings (e.g., how much for education versus health), and identifies key priorities to be funded in a particular year. It should be published and publicized within one week of tabling in the county assembly (within one week of 28 February)

County Fiscal Strategy Paper 2019

The budget proposal from the county executive is the culmination of all the other documents and is the place where program and item level decisions in each county department are made and that must be reviewed by the public and assembly before approval. The Budget Estimates should be published and publicized within one week of 30.

Budget Estimate