The National Taxpayers Association (NTA) is an independent, non-partisan organization that promotes good governance in Kenya through citizen empowerment, enhancing public service delivery, and partnership building. NTA implements projects to monitor the usage and management of public funds with interest in Economic Stimulus Fund, National Government Affirmative Action Funds (NGAAF), development projects, and strengthening the participation of PWDs, youth, and women in the budget-making process in different counties in Kenya.


The four key thematic areas for NTA include; Building Citizen Demand & Strengthening Government Service Delivery; Research, Advocacy, and Policy Influencing; Tax Justice; and Institutional Strengthening.



A taxpayer-responsive government delivering quality services to all.



To advocate for government accountability in the delivery of services and to influence policy through engagements, partnerships, and tax-payer-transforming information and research.



<> Integrity

<> Respect

<> Inclusivity

<> Passion

<> Innovation/Innovativeness.