Focus group discussions meetings in Nairobi County

NTA conducted a focus group discussion meeting at the local level with the representatives of the community, students and trainers as well as the BOMs. The FGDs were to assess the quality of services offered at the selected vocational training institutions in Nairobi County. The discussions comprised of two sessions: community members including the students and the board of Management, thereafter, a consensus/interface meeting with the two groups. The interface meeting was for the two groups to agree on the scores given by the two groups. The activity will contribute to the development of a community scorecard. The scorecard is an evidenced based tool that will be used by the community members to hold the duty bearers accountable on the quality of services provided at the VTCs.

The main objective was to  provide critical scientific data through social audit process (both services and project quality) to stimulate debate and action/on demand for accountability.

The specific objectives were:

  1. To have the community and the BOMs collaborating and engaging with one another
  2. To outline some of the challenges experienced in the VTC and how to address them
  3. To formulate an action plan for the identified priority areas


The FGDs conducted created a platform for the community, students and the BOMs to engage, identify challenges that imbeds the facilities from providing quality education in the selected vocational training institutions. 

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