Study on Effects of Tobacco Taxation on Tobacco consumption in Kenya

NTA in partnership with Tax Justice Network Africa is currently implementing a project on Tobacco Tax Advocacy in Africa. The overall goal of the project is discourage the use of tobacco and tobacco products in Kenya and Africa in general through reduction of tobacco affordability. Tax is a central factor in pricing and therefore can be used to reduce tobacco affordability through price increase.  

This Consultancy seeks to review the legal, policy as well as the broader environment of the tobacco sector. More specifically, the study seeks to establish the link if any between tobacco taxation and tobacco consumption in Kenya. The result of the study will inform the advocacy process for the project. It is anticipated that the study will generate accurate and reliable data that will not only be a critical part of the advocay process but also provide broad information for tobacco and related sectors in the production, distribution, consumption chain.

Overally the study will also provide recommendation for tobacco consumption control within the context of the existing taxation regime as well as propose possible measure for taxation advocacy. 

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